What Does a Handyman Do?


A handyman is someone who can do a variety of jobs in and around the home, ranging from simple repairs to more general tasks like gardening or other household work. handyman jobs in chattanooga, tn can include all sorts of things! The term “handyman” may also refer to a tradesperson who provides only one service or skill (usually carpentry) but does it at an advanced level.

A handyman is typically hired by homeowners or businesses to perform small tasks that are beyond the scope of a remodeler or general contractor; the starter jobs to which a first-time home buyer may be limited.

handyman jobs in chattanooga, tn

Handymen do not have a fixed list of services that they offer but usually perform common tasks around the house such as minor plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work. Handymen are sometimes confused with electricians, plumbers, and carpenters which are skilled trades that require formal education. However, a handyman is in the business to complete a wide variety of small tasks and will often take on any odd job he or she can do at an advanced level without needing training or certification.

Although many handymen learn their skills informally through friends and colleagues (i.e., “on the job”), formal training is available at community colleges and vocational schools for those who seek education in these disciplines. Many handymen learn a variety of skills by working with other handymen and asking questions about what they do; this is how many schools teach as well.

A handyman is incredibly skilled and has a lot of different things that they are able to work with or take care of. Because of that, it’s important to find someone that you can trust and that does the work right. In the end, a good handyman can go a long way.